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Reservation Policy.

  1. Each reservation will be given a reference number.
    A reservation ticket will also be issued to the customer when the reservation is made at the shop counter.
  2. Please always show the reservation ticket to BODY Tune staff or refer your reference number to the staff whenever you check in.
  3. If the reservation ticket is lost and/or you cannot refer to the correct reference number, BODY Tune reserves the right to refuse your check in.
  4. If the reservation ticket is lost, the reservation record at BODY Tune shop will be considered as the primary official record and indisputable.
  5. Your reservation will be AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED when you are 10 MINUTE late.

  6. Your services will be started and finished according to your reservation time.  Thus, your service time will be SHORTENED according to your late check-in time.  Please also be reminded that a service of less than 1 hour will be charged at 1 hour price.
  7. POSTPONING a reservation and/or CHANGING any details of reservation (such as masseuse or type of service) are depended upon the availability of the shop.  To postpone or change services, BODY Tune will CANCEL your previous reservation and RECREATE a new reservation which will be subjected to the availability of the shop at that moment.
    (Our reservation system is computerized and calculated in Real Time.  Therefore, postponing or changing your reservation may cause you to CANCEL some or all of your reservation details, since you may not get the desired masseuse as she may be occupied by other customer or the available masseuses may not be to perform the service you need, etc.)
  8. Also, CHANGING any details of your reservation during checking in is not allowed.  This can cause the same results as in #7.
  9. A reservation via telephone may require you to hold your line for a while, if there is a customer checking in at the front counter.
      • The reservation must be made at least 2 days prior to the checked-in date, for reservations originated within Thailand.  OR, 2 days before your departure date, for reservations originated outside Thailand.
      • All confirmed reservations will be replied and given the reference number for check in.
      • Should you fail to refer to the correct reference number may causes, BODY Tune reserves the right to refuse any services.
      • The reservation record at BODY Tune shop is the final official information.
  11. BODY Tune reserves all rights to make any changes without prior notice.

I understand and agree to comply with BODY Tune's Reservation Policy.